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Dumbass Filmmakers is produced by Fatelink Productions, a young production company with a film collective ethos and roots in independent theater.  

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About the Project

Harrison DeWinter (Hunter Lee Hughes) just knows his movie will inspire others to save the environment, protest injustice and embrace bisexuality. But when it comes to actually making the movie, Harrison can’t depend on his quixotic imagination alone. He turns to Vicki Moretti (Elizabeth Gordon), an organized but lonely young woman who only wants to produce the movie to fill a void in her love life.  Harrison feels confident that with Vicki in place, his artistic vision will soon materialize. But unexpected obstacles arise when Vicki fights tooth and nail to prevent vulnerable rising star Bobby Tulane (Justin Schwan) from clinching the lead role he so earnestly deserves. After all, Bobby is the only person who even understands Harrison’s movie, making him that much more exciting to Harrison and that much more of a threat to Vicki’s insecurities. Caught in the middle is their mischievous casting director Scott Fleischman (Jimmy Q. Dinh), who hopes to somehow turn his casting experience into a profitable one.

In the original webseries Dumbass Filmmakers!, Harrison must navigate the force of his instincts and the pull of his emotions with the practical reality of getting his friend Vicki to bring to fruition a project that he could never accomplish alone. Abandoning Our Hopes: A Life Renewed and Lost and Forgotten may sound stupid to Harrison’s overbearing mother Brenda (Dale Raoul) and even ridiculous to his vain ex-boyfriend Ricky Blaine (Eric Colton), but to Harrison, the film puts forward choices and challenges that will determine his life... and the lives of his cast and crew.

The cast of misfits includes Amalia Sousa (Barbara Costa), an actress so “profound” that she speaks her dialogue in whatever language feels natural to her in that moment.  Rick Rameriz (James Lee Hernandez) wrongly interprets the movie as a Kung-Fu piece. Marco Lorenzo (Adrian Quinonez) must overcome his panic disorder to say the lines, while Nancy Smith (Melinda Hughes) is a little too confident in her over-annunciated line readings, stage presence and classical training.  Ned Draper (Ben Wells) is a recovering sex addict seeking to channel his uber-high libido into creativity. Omega (Stone), a high-maintenance costume designer, inspires Harrison’s creativity, but sparks outrage in Vicki. 

Making fun of them all is Harrison’s film school rival Drew (Jared Winkler), who bides his time for a chance to sabotage the whole operation.