About our mission...

Dumbass Filmmakers is produced by Fatelink Productions, a young production company with a film collective ethos and roots in independent theater.  

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After working as an actor, writer and producer, Hunter makes his directorial debut with Dumbass Filmmakers! The first season was first written as a pilot, then revised and refined in a workshop environment with the actors.  Hunter previously wrote the short film Winner Takes All, the one-man show Fate of the Monarchs and the stage play The Sermons of John Bradley. He also co-wrote the documentary On Common Grounds in addition to authoring an original volume of poetry and several screenplays, including an adaptation of Fate of the Monarchs and his reincarnation romantic drama Inside-Out, Outside-In.

Of his experience on Dumbass Filmmakers!, Hunter says, “I can’t say enough about the incredible group of artists that put together Dumbass Filmmakers! It could not have been a better first experience and I thank all of our team.  We only hope that you enjoy the finished product and let us know how we did!”

After being in the business for over 15 years, Elizabeth has worked as an actress, writer, stage manager, teacher and, most recently, producer.

Since the start of her producing career in 2008, Elizabeth has mounted numerous theatrical productions such as The Sermons of John Bradley, The Why Factor: Proportion Distortion, LOFT ensemble Variety Hour and Tracers. Her original writing series Untitled Word Project encourages artists to delve into a different specialty in order to grow and explore. In 2009, Elizabeth moved into filmmaking and produced her first short film, Winner Takes All, shot on the RED camera, which is set to hit the festival circuit in 2011. Elizabeth has also produced two webseries projects: Ordinary Girl and Dumbass Filmmakers!, which she also co-created and stars in.

Elizabeth has worked as a actress throughout California and has also taught children through various educational programs in Los Angeles. She holds degrees from University of California, Santa Cruz, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts - West and Foothill College. Elizabeth also works as an independent theatre & film producer. With Fatelink Productions, she produced The Sermons of John Bradley and the short film Winner Takes All. Currently, she is writing a feature film to be produced in Scotland in 2013.  Elizabeth is a proud member of Actors’ Equity Association.

Melinda Hughes thought the title "producer" would make her sound more important and lead to a bigger acting role in Dumbass Filmmakers!.  She was wrong. 

As associate producer, Melinda filled her days with glamorous activities such as purchasing expendables, picking up permits, scouting locations, and organizing costume parades.  These activities were so much fun that she decided to start her own production company, Minderful Movies, so she can run around Los Angeles like a crazy chicken all the time.  Her producing stylings will be next utilized through Karmacapades, a comedic short film, produced in conjunction with Fatelink Productions. 

Jean received her Master’s degree in Film Production from the University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts, where she concentrated her studies in cinematography. Prior to film school, Jean attended the University of California, Davis, where she studied Women and Gender Studies. Although she has been a lifelong film enthusiast, it was during her time in Davis, as a member of a feminist video production collective, that she finally developed her interest in filmmaking. She later received the honor of becoming a Film Independent Fellow through their Project:Involve program, receiving mentorship from cinematographer Alexander Gruszynski, ASC.

In addition to crewing on more projects than she can remember, Jean has shot several award-winning films, both narrative and documentary. Her preferences as a filmmaker go beyond the boundaries of any film genre. The projects she chooses vary in the types of stories told and the directors' visual styles. Ultimately, Jean prefers to shoot projects that have stories she cares about and can invest herself in.

Garrett received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University in 2008 where he spent his time honing the art of cinematography. While studying there he earned a number of prestigious awards including the Richard Moore ASC Heritage Award and the Panavision Cinematography Award.

Garrett aims to engage, inspire and entertain an audience with creativity that routinely defies convention. His work consistently displays a unique eye for beauty and a knack for creating powerful imagery regardless of shooting format. Driven and uncompromising, he refuses to put forth anything short of his best effort into each and every project. His clients include O'Neil, Twentieth Century Fox Worldwide, Moxie Interactive, Oprah, Ford Motors, Team Detroit International, SEWcreative, Dominos, CP+B, 3MC, Rank+File, G4TV, Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company, Andi Loor Redigering, Remmington and Shop PR. He is currently based in Los Angeles, CA but shoots worldwide, focusing his talents on narrative and documentary films. A reel and portfolio as well as contact information are available on his website at http://garrettshannon.com.

Natalie is a Los Angeles native. She began working as camera assistant mid-2006 but soon developed an interest in lighting design as well. Recently, she discovered a passion for photography and has sought opportunities to develop her own style. She has shot for a couple local newspapers, worked for a portrait photography company and freelanced on various projects and hopes to open up her own photography business.

Natalie says, “I still love working on set and I'm available to work in the camera and electric department.”   Her photos can be seen here.

Phillip is a student at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. During his time here in L.A., he has been involved in more than 20 different projects including Dumbass Filmmakers! His passion for film and theatre brought him here and will keep him here for a long time doing as much as possible.  Phillip gives a special thanks to the cast and crew of Dumbass Filmmakers! for all of their hard work and what they have done for him.

Jonathan is a production designer currently working out of Los Angeles.  With a background in film production, he received a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Of his production design career, Jonathan says, “I like to laugh, and have fun, and I want my job to feel the same way.  I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I grew up in Northern Illinois, where the temperatures get below zero and the world stops revolving for four months.  So to be able to work in one of the biggest cities in the country, year round, and to have the job duties of making goofy crap, building things out of wood, and painting!? I say, YES PLEASE!”

Debbie graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts with an A.A. in Acting in 2010. She is currently a member of the Academy's Company, where she continues to work on her craft.

Debbie was very pleased to get the opportunity to work on the production side of things for Dumbass Filmmakers! and get a different perspective on the process of filmmaking. She says of the experience, “It has certainly given me an appreciation for composition and prop selection, and those who pursue art direction in their careers.”

Chris is a Southern California native and he recieved his education at Art Center College of Design. He loves to draw, edit, animate and hang out with cool people. He's also a founding member of Meetings, a music video and film collaborative.

With over a dozen live theatrical sound and live music credits in his past and working as a voice network engineer for a major wireless communication provider, Neal moved to L.A. from Connecticut and transitioned to film production sound a couple years ago. Of his work as a sound engineer, Neal says, “I can’t believe how much I love living and working in LA. To work with so many talented people that are passionate about what they do is amazing.”

When he’s not working, Neal enjoys biking, hiking and the beautiful L.A. weather.

Lauren was born in Texas and raised in a small town in Northern Colorado. After graduating high school, she auditioned for and was accepted into the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts acting conservatory in Los Angeles. Lauren moved to Hollywood that summer and began her two year program at the Academy. After graduating in the spring of 2010, Lauren began work with the talented production team of Dumbass Filmmakers! Initially, she was just a crew volunteer, but after expressing her passion for clothes and style, she became the  first season’s costume designer. Lauren would like to personally thank Hunter Lee Hughes and Elizabeth Gordon for not only teaching her so much about this business, but for also giving her her first SAG eligible role. 

She says of the experience, “The summer I spent working on Dumbass Filmmakers! was such a blessing and so much fun and I hope that everyone loves this hilarious webseries!”

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Katelyn has thrived off of the beauty of California’s landscape and the energy of Hollywood.  She was inspired from an early age by the work of her designer/author mother, who taught her the meaning of being a renaissance woman.  In college, Katelyn pursued her passion for various visual and performing arts and supported herself through her career as an oil portrait artist.  A connoisseur of color and lover of humanity, Katelyn found herself drawn to the world of make-up artistry.  Katelyn now lives and works out of Los Angeles.

Born in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Sommer graduated from Aveda Institute Minneapolis for Cosmetology in 2009. She provided hair and make-up for the "Aquaveda" Runway Show. Shortly after, Sommer moved to L.A. to pursue a career as a make-up artist, graduating from Make-up Designory's Film and Television program in 2010.  She assisted make-up and hair for Dumbass Filmmakers! then followed up by doing key make-up and hair for the film And We Die Young.

Edwin was introduced to martial arts at a very early age, combined with the inability to keep his opinions to himself.  He quickly learned how to defend himself and take a good thumping.  During college, he went the stage combat route via S.A.F.D. training and became very proficient with a sword. Since then, he has been a stunt performer in several stage, motion pictures, and TV shows. 

Edwin thoroughly enjoys the art of making violence come alive, while being safe at the same time. 

Parker graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Economics before working as an investment advisor for Hendon Enterprises and his own company Orion Forecasting. This is his first experience as an executive producer.